Sunday, March 9, 2008 in the Press

We received our March 2008 copy of 435 South, a local magazine focused on Southern Johnson County, over the weekend and were pleasantly surprised to find a small article on! Their site appears to be under a redesign right now so I can’t link to the article but I have included the text below.

Local Company Keeps Neighborhoods Connected
Leawood-based Rupp Development & Consulting recently unveiled a new product called This innovative web site gives subdivisions and communities a way to keep in touch like never before. The social network provides a forum for posting news and events, sharing documents and facilitating communication between neighbors. There are four key features to this program: Community News keeps everyone informed on what is happening; Community Events tells what meetings, events, garage sales and such are going on in the area; Community Directory is a great way to keep everyone’s contact info handy; and Local Weather, provided by, makes weather information easily accessible at the click of a mouse. To search for your neighborhood or for more information, visit

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We have already noticed an uptick in visits to the site and are very excited about being featured in a magazine focused on our target market.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February Statistics

It is that time of month again! Below are the stats for the month of February 2008. is now helping 63 communities (+40%) in 62 zip codes (+37.78%) and 23 states (+43.75%) communicate more effectively with their residents and neighbors! We have also had zip code searches from 43 different states (+7.5%).

Applications Statistics:

Number of users: 161 (+26.77%)
Number of contacts: 230 (+29.94%)
Number of groups: 26 (+13.04%)
Number of news posts: 118 (+31.11%)
Number of community events: 145 (+36.79%)
Number of documents: 181 (+2.84%)

Traffic Statistics from Google Analytics:

Visits: 822 (+68.10%)
Unique Visitors: 600 (+80.18%)
Page Views: 3,175 (-0.19%)
Pages / Visit: 3.86 (-40.62%)
Time on Site: 3: 53 (-9.97%)

We continue to experience tremendous growth in our user base (+26.77%) and communities are really utilizing the community news (+31.11%) and events (+36.79%) features. We are very pleased with these growth numbers especially considering we are focused on local markets which are inherently more difficult to grow.

Not surprisingly, our site traffic isn’t necessarily following the same growth trend – and this is actually by design. When we set out to create we didn’t want our users to have to constantly check and scour the website to stay informed. Who has time for that? Our goal was to enable them to stay current on the community without changing their current behavior.

This is why our Community News and Events features email the residents each time an item is posted. We include all the information in the email and also provide deep links directly to the content so they don’t need to login to view the news item in their browser or download the event to Microsoft Outlook.

Our visits (+68.10%) and unique visitors (+80.18%) growth supports that this is working. 80% growth in unique visitors is phenomenal and extremely exciting. More and more residents are finding the site useful and recommending it to their neighbors. We love to see this and added the Invite a Neighbor page last month to help spread the word.

Overall, February was a great month and considering it was only our third full month since we launched we are extremely pleased with our growth and how far we have come.

See you ‘round the neighborhood!