Friday, February 1, 2008

January 2008 Stats

Quick stats update for the month of January 2008. now has 45 communities in 44 zip codes and 16 states! Angie has been pulling together a spreadsheet containing all of the different cities and states that we have communities in and/or have searched with their zip code. It is really interesting to see where all of the searches are coming from. From Alaska to Texas and Maine to Hawaii, has had a zip code search from 40 different states so far. We will let you know once we have hit them all.

Now on to the stats.

  • Number of users: 127 (+35%)
  • Number of contacts: 177 (+42%)
  • Number of groups: 23 (No change)
  • Number of news posts: 90 (+50%)
  • Number of community events: 106 (+125%)
  • Number of documents: 176 (+107%)

And from Google Analytics

  • Visits: 489 (-38%)
  • Unique Visitors: 333 (-42%)
  • Page Views: 3,181 (-33%)
  • Pages/Visit: 6.51 (+8.92%)
  • Time on Site: 4:19 (+30%)

First the good news. Community Events and the Document Library are taking off in a big way with both experiencing over 100% month over month growth. WOW! This is really exciting to see and hopefully it continues. Also of note, the average time on site increased by 30% which is also encouraging.

Visits and page views, on the other hand, went entirely in the wrong direction. However, it isn’t really as bad as it seems and was entirely expected. For one week in December we tried advertising on StumbleUpon and, while it certainly generated the traffic we expected, that traffic didn’t translate into new communities so we have pulled it – for now anyway.

Thanks to everyone for all of their interest and support. We finished 2007 building some great momentum and I am really looking forward to what 2008 will bring us!

See you ‘round the neighborhood!

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