Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Changes To Pricing Plans

Moving forward with the changes we announced in the January newsletter, last night we released a number of updates to our pricing plans. As we discussed in the newsletter, we really struggled with this decision but, given the current economic conditions and general softness in the online advertising environment, feel it is necessary to ensure that we remain a viable service for our existing and future customers. With that said, we want to reassure you that we aren't going anywhere! These are preemptive changes we are making to ensure we will be able to weather this economic storm.

Last night we also released stronger moderation features for the Community News  and Events  modules as well as increased control over resident email notifications. Community administrators and content moderators now have complete control and final approval of news and events that are published to their HOA website. They also now have greater control over when residents receive email notifications.

Below are the new pricing plans as of 02/02/2008. The most significant changes were to the Free plan. If you are affected by these changes, we welcome you to continue to use the free service and have provided a special coupon code - UPGHOA01 - to save 50% off the first month should you choose to upgrade. However, if you feel that our service isn't a good fit for your community right now we certainly understand and hope you will keep us in mind if your needs change.

HOA Website Pricing Plans

*All paid pricing plans include content moderation and email notification features.

Ultimate Plan

  • Unlimited Residents
  • Unlimited Groups
  • 2GB Document Storage

Premium Plan

  • Up to 500 Residents
  • 10 Groups
  • 1GB Document Storage

Standard Plan

  • Up to 250 Residents
  • 5 Groups
  • 500MB Document Storage

Basic Plan

  • Up to 100 Residents
  • 3 Groups
  • 250MB Document Storage

We also still have the Free plan with up to 25 residents and 1 group but no document storage, email notifications or content moderation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes please feel free to contact me personally at mitch.rupp@rdcweb.com or by phone at 913.710.8103.

Thank you for your time and we truly appreciate your business.

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