Friday, November 16, 2007

Enhanced Support

Wow! We have been live for just over two days and the response has been terrific! It has honestly exceeded my expectations - which is really saying something - and I am tremendously excited about our potential.

I will post some statistics after we have been live for a week, again after the first month and then each subsequent month. It should be interesting to see the growth.

Also wanted to make you aware of a few enhancements and tweaks to the system that we released tonight.

  1. We have received a number of great questions from users and potential communities. In order to provide you with better support we have added a FAQ page and answered the most common questions to date. We will definitely continue to augment these as we receive more questions.
  2. We revamped the Help page and now also display it on the marketing site instead of waiting until after you log in. With all of the tutorials on one page, every once in a great while IE would get cranky because of the number of simultaneous requests to YouTube. Now each video tutorial is displayed in a nice modal window when requested and there is far less scrolling to find the tutorial you are looking for.
  3. Lastly, we had a few reports from users indicating that our generated emails had a minor display quirk in some email clients. We heard you and apologize for that. We did test over a variety of clients but clearly missed one or two. Getting rich email design is a surprisingly difficult task so we took a few steps back and decided to greatly simplify the email templates. The end result is we think they still look great and should play nicer with the email clients out there.
Keep the feedback coming! We definitely want to know what you guys think and how we can serve your community better. Thanks and we will see you 'round the neighborhood!

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