Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Week Stats

Whew! Week one is over and what a week it was. I really didn't expect to get the level of response we have but it has been great. Nearly everyone one we have talked to about HOAInTouch.com has said something to the effect of "oh, well yeah, that just makes sense".

It is truly rewarding to be talking with someone about your product and have them immediately come to the realization that this is something they didn't even know they were missing but definitely need. It’s fun to watch the wheels start turning and listen to them spin off five or ten different ways this would have been useful to them at some point in the past. Makes all the work worth it.

So, back to the stats. Drum roll please… After the first week we already have 15 communities signed up in 15 different zip codes! After slicing and dicing the database a bit, there are some other key stats listed below as well.
  • Number of users: 19
  • Number of contacts: 32
  • Number of groups: 5
  • Number of news posts: 34
  • Number of events: 17

Definitely not bad for week one - especially considering I really just expected to get my own HOA setup.

For the fellow computer geeks out there (or anyone otherwise interested), we use Google Analytics to track our number of visitors, page views, etc. and I have included some of those statistics below as well.

  • Visits: 172
  • Unique Visitors: 137
  • Page Views: 975
  • Pages/Visit: 5.67
  • Time on Site: 2:59

A few observations immediately come to mind. First our number of users per community is anemic but that is to be expected out of the gate. Many users were signing up simply to see what the product is all about. Our focus over the next few months is to help these early adopters evangelize the product and get better adoption in their respective neighborhoods.

Second, about 20% of our visits were from repeat visitors. If we can increase the adoption in existing neighborhoods this number should go way, way up. I think this is one of the most critical statistics for this type of a product. We want repeat visitors to be hitting the site frequently checking up on or adding news, upcoming events, posting comments, etc.

Lastly, users, on average, spent almost three full minutes on the site. To me this is surprising and actually seems relatively high. My guess is this will trend downward over time as most users will be popping in to their community dashboard for a quick update and moving on. Which is great. It shouldn't take 10 minutes to figure out what is going on in your neighborhood or to lookup John's phone number.

I am planning on posting these stats again after the first month and then after each subsequent month. Should be interesting to see the trends. Feel free to let me know if there is an interesting statistic I am missing.

Thanks for a great first week everyone! We will see you 'round the neighborhood.

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