Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Month Stats

On Friday we hit our first month live. Has it really been a month already? It seems like it was just last week that I locked myself in my office and started coding HOAInTouch.com. When we hit the one week mark we provided some statistics and said we would do it again after the first month. Here we go..

We now have 28 communities in 24 zip codes! We are very pleased and excited with this progress. Some of the other key statistics are provided below.

  • Number of users: 94
  • Number of contacts: 124
  • Number of groups: 23
  • Number of news posts: 60
  • Number of events: 47
  • Number of documents: 85

And from Google Analytics

  • Visits: 757
  • Unique Visitors: 582
  • Page Views: 3,964
  • Pages/Visit: 5.24
  • Time of Site: 2:55

At this point these are interesting but not really useful as a measurement of growth as we only have the one week stats for comparison. However, one item that really jumps out at me is the number of documents. We only released this feature two weeks ago and we already have more documents than news posts! Based on the data and feedback we have received from users, it would appear the Document Library has been a big hit!

Moving forward, I intend to publish these same stats each month so we will be able to measure growth and usage over time. As new features are released they will be added to the statistics. Should be interesting.

Thanks for such a great first month and I am really excited for 2008! We will see you ‘round the neighborhood!

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